Red Wine With Flora

RM 160.00

Pre-Order 2 days before : Colours Wine is essential in the celebration of all occasions by offering an air of cheerfulness with family and friends warmth.

Prepared form the finest varieties of ingredients and cultivated in ideal conditions. This wine deserve to accompany your special moments.

Grapes - MERLOT 2014

Wine of Spain : 14.5% ALC/VOL _375ml

Flower💐 : Pink Rose Spray, Red Berry

Price 💰 : 160.00

Grapes - MERLOT 2018

Wine of Spain : 14.5% ALC/VOL _750ml

Flower💐 : Purple Rose, White Rose Spray

Price 💰 : 180.00

*Fillers and accessories may vary depends on stock availability. *Message card provided. *Top up gifts upon special request via phone call.